#TrueStoryTuesday - An Introduction

I’ve had this tumblr for over 4 years realized – I’ve never properly introduced myself.

How rude of me.

My name is Maxine.


(yes, that was taken the same day as my avi pic) 

When I first started this tumblr I was in graduate school, single, and hoping I hadn’t doomed myself to a life of passionless practicality by choosing to study public policy instead of going to film school.

Today, I am working, not single, and still trying to balance the artistic and the practical sides of me.  The way I’ve been going about it has changed and so has the focus of the blog.  

The original dream for Side Hustle Stories was for it to turn into a place where people having the same passion vs. practicality dilemma to share their stories. I don’t see the two as being opposite forces anymore. Now the blog is for creative inspiration for myself and others, as well as promoting my personal solution to the dilemma – my photography business Side Hustle Stories.

I rep the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia for those who don’t know) and have spent lots of time in all parts, though PG county is where I’ve spent the most time and where I live now. I always loved the area but grew to love it even MORE after going to college in a PWI in the south. I’m officially in my late twenties. I love James Bond films and hate romantic comedies. My best friends live in different states. I play video games, and yes, I take pictures.

So, how bout you? Let’s make #truestorytuesday a thing. 


Behind the scenes shots from a beauty salon photo shoot I did back in June. Check out the actual photos on my website: www.sidehustlestories.net




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This is so important!

I never know what to ask and end up looking like a fool cause I don’t have a question prepared.

Don’t be me.

Main Hustle Advice.

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You know what’s funny? I think a lot of people view these images as interesting because they’re “unrealistic” or specifically because they feature men of color, anachronistic. I do like them, but I just wanted to add something….

For each of these implied anachronisms, there is a real painting of a real Man of Color from European Art History. (The text for each image is a link to learn more!)

A French Gentleman, c. 1800


Toussaint L’Ouverture, c. 1790s


Alexander Pushkin, 1899


Portrait of Général Thomas Alexandre Dumas (father of author Alexandre Dumas)


Raden Syarif Bustaman Saleh, Javanese Aristocrat and Artist in the Netherlands, 1840


Olaudah Equiano, c. 1840s


Abram Petrovich Gannibal, c. 1690s


Chevalier de Saint-Georges, c. 1780s


Ira Aldridge, Victorian Actor, c. 1840


János Bihari, Composer, c. 1840


The Postillion of Erddig House, 1730


Jack Black of Ystumllyn, Wales, 1754


A Young Eastern European Man c. 1750:


P.S. my favorite from the OP is will.i.am!!!


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Photographer Vincent Brady has come up with an ingenious technique to create 360° time-lapses of the night sky.

Vincent built a custom rig to hold 4 cameras with fish eye lenses to capture the entire night sky in motion.

360° Time-Lapses of the Night Sky in Motion

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this is amazing. 


African Lens is a visual collective from African photographers both in the motherland and the diaspora.The project aims at showcasing and sharing Africa as we know it using photography thus, an open window into the world of Africans via the lens of African Photographers.

The photographers featured are:

TJ Letsa

Fundiswa Ntoyi

Zakaria Wakrim

Dayo Adeoti 

Chelsea Boatey

Philip Raheem

Andile Buka

David Uzochukwu

Stay tuned for more updates!


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Photoshop has become a fixture of the photography world in the US, but Esther Honig wanted to examine retouching standards overseas.

Esther sent an ordinary head shot to 40 individuals from 25 different countries, asking each of them to “make her beautiful” with Photoshop.

Photographer Examines Retouching Standards in Different Countries

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These before-and-after shots demonstrate the incredible power of visual effects on screen.

Those game of thrones shots tho


Viewfinders: Black Women Photographers

A collection of diverse photographs from black female photographers from the mid-1800s to the present captures important aspects of African American history and reveals the talent and courage of a small band of pioneering artists. Reissue. National ad/promo.

Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe…

began her formal training at age eight when her parents enrolled her in classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. When it was time for undergraduate studies, Moutoussamy-Ashe moved east to New York and received a B.F.A. degree in photography from The Cooper Union School of Art. After graduating in 1975, she worked as a graphic artist and photojournalist for WNBC-TV. In October 1976, Moutoussamy-Ashe was hired to take photographs at the United Negro College Fund tennis event, where she met tennis great, Arthur Ashe. The two married on February 20, 1977.

Throughout her career, Moutoussamy-Ashe has had frequent group and solo exhibitions at museums and galleries around the world including the Leica Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York; the Smithsonian and the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.; Galerie Herve Odermat in Paris and The Excelsior in Florence among others. Publications such as Life Magazine, The New York Times, People and the Associated Press have also featured her photography, disseminating it to a wider audience. In 2001, she hosted the documentary Crucible of the Millennium, which PBS broadcast nationwide…

Read more about Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe: http://www.thehistorymakers.com/biography/jeanne-moutoussamy-ashe-41


Need to find this.

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